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Part Number: DataBridge™ Evaluation Kit SE1200-DK1

Summary: Evaluation Kit for P2P applications using DataBridge SE1200A Wireless Modules with internal ceramic antennas.

Starman Electric’s SE1200-DK kits provide a complete environment for development or evaluation of applications based on the DataBridge SE1200 wireless modules. Each development kit contains a complete package for immediate wireless evaluation using on-board components or direct interface to analog, digital, or serial signals.

Evaluation board components and interfaces:

Analog: Accelerometer or 0-10V I/O
Digital: Tilt Sensor, Switches, Buttons, or 0-12V I/O
Serial: TTL UART, Serial-USB, RS232, or RS485

Evaluation boards arrive ready for use with an included battery or can be powered externally through a 12V external supply, USB port, or included USB wall adapter.
Five kit configurations are available for evaluation of SE1200A, SE1200D, or SE1200E wireless modules for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications.


Evaluation Kits available for DataBridge Wireless Modules:


Wireless Development Kits

The SE1200-DK1 evaluation kit is designed for evaluation of point-to-point wireless analog, digital, or serial using the DataBridge SE1200A wireless module.

SE1200DK-1 Kit Contents:

  • 1x Master Eval Boards
  • 1x Slave Eval Boards
  • 2x SE1200A-DIP Wireless Modules
  • 2x USB-Serial Cables
  • 2x Wall Adapter
  • 2x 9V Batteries


Evaluation Kit Product Brief - Information on Evaluation Kits
Wireless Module Datasheet - Technical Specifications for Wireless Modules
Wireless Module User Manual - Example Schematics using DataBridge Wireless Modules
Wireless Module Command Mode - Advanced Configuration (Via Serial/USB Interface)


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